Our history


We are a laboratory specialized in the production and retail sale of furniture items.At Loian in Palermowe adhere to precise reference values, which are indispensable for realizing true masterpieces of style. Our company has always been aiming at excellence thanks to the use of the best materials, such as solid wood. In over twenty years of operation we have developed considerable technical skills, which are fundamental for creating completely customizable and functional furniture.


Our goal is the highest customer satisfaction. For this reason, we wish to interpret every request through unique solutions, both from an aesthetic and a practical point of view. The concept of mass production does not belong to us. In fact, we are aiming at a craft approach. This is the key of our success.


We make furniture and furnishing accessories, which are able to provide the environment with charm, style and elegance. We want to position ourselves on all market segments thanks to our articulated range of solutions that we make available to our customers.
In order to achieve this purpose we use time and financial resources to identify the most advanced technologies and the best materials which are currently available.


Constant research and innovation allow us to be a reliable partner for a wide target of customers. Do you love classic style or do you prefer to focus on modern?At Loian we are able to fulfill all your expectations. Our production is at the forefront not only from the point of view of design but also from a functional point of view. Contact us now or visit us.