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Design masterpieces

Since the beginning of our activities, our laboratory has established itself as an important point of reference in the sector of furniture and in particular of handcrafted furniture in Palermo.
Thanks to the perfect knowledge of processing techniques and a strong artistic sensibility we are able to create real design masterpieces.Our furnishing solutions are perfect in any context: from classic scenarios to decidedly more modern settings.


One of the fundamental values, on which we base our work, is originality. This allows us to produce unique and exclusive pieces, since industrial dynamics are not called into question.
The concept of mass production is, in fact, completely unrelated to our philosophy. The offer is very wide, able to satisfy the needs of each customer. We make furniture for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and much more.


To make your spaces unique, it is important to carefully choose not only the furniture but also the complement elements. These are objects without a specific function but indispensable to embellish the environment with taste and originality. At Loian you can buy many solutions, made with care and inspiration by our experienced staff. All productions respond rigorously to the highest quality standards, both from the point of view of the used materials and from the aesthetic point of view.

Custom-made furniture


One of our strengths is to interpret the expectations of each client, through the production of custom-madefurniture andfurnishing accessories.Our solutions, in fact, are designed to adapt perfectly to your spaces. In this way it is possible to reach an important goal: to wisely combine functionality with aesthetics.Each element will be completely integrated with the environment. To provide a good personalization service it is important to study the premises carefully and imagine the furniture even before choosing the most appropriate solution.This is why we offer our customers an inspection that is completely free, which is essential for excellent results.

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